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A right proper Charlie…

A right proper Charlie…

I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night. Which seems to take place in a Britain under a new Ice Age after an American government took over the British isles and made it the 53rd state.

After all, how else do you explain quintiessentially British streets and corner shops, covered in a snowy landscape but using American currency, bearing American postboxes, and everyone using the word “candy” all the time? They’re SWEETS, damnit, not candy.

Plus at the beginning of the film, they had chocolate bars going all over the world – including Tokyo and Morocco, where they seem to use some bizarre bartering system instead of money (which implies that Wonka gets paid in goats in Morocco). But by the time the Golden Ticket is won, it’s left to two Americans, two Brits and a German. I do wish they’d changed that slightly.

Instead, the scriptwriters decided to really meddle with the book by inserting a backstory for Wonka, which is really pointless, and derails the entire film into a moral tale about fathers and how families aren’t really that bad for you. Why is Hollywood so seemingly obsessed about dealing with absent/ogre fathers and families? Why couldn’t they leave well alone?

Having said that, I still want to find some Wonka bars.


  • I thought the whole point of this film was to make it MORE like the original and/or book.

    P.S. It is too CANDY. And by the way, it's ELEVATOR, not "lift" 😉

  • Skarlett

    I was frustrated because I kept defending the film before it came out to everyone who said well enough should be left alone-Regarding the Gene Wilder version. My argument being that this one was to be the actual story from the book.
    And then it was not 🙁
    And as lovely as Johnny Depp is, didn't you get a sort of Michael Jackson creepyness from his look and performance?

  • Avoid the Nestle Wonka bars that are out now. By all accounts, they're fucking *awful*. On the other hand there is a range of Willy Wonka sweets that have been doing the rounds for years (Dino-sour Eggs and so on) which are chock full of e-numbers but rather delicious.

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