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Pure 24 and the terrible Tamsin Sylvester…

Pure 24 and the terrible Tamsin Sylvester…

I’ve already ranted and raved on the BBC messageboard about just why Tamsin Sylvester should be frogmarched from the Pure 24 “studios” and sent back to simpering about clothes on Liquid News or whatever else she does normally.

She gives entertainment journalism – and hell, female presenters – a bad name because:

* Asking Ed Byrne to “say something funny”. The woman has *no* idea how human beings operate. Or comedians for that matter.
* she has no idea what she’s talking to
* she gives no indication of knowing what she’s talking about
* Would she watch 24 if it wasn’t her job? I doubt it.
* it’s a *thriller* goddamnit. So get someone there with at least a vague acquaintance of current global events, and the confidence to refer to it occasionally!
* she *pouts* when talking to people. I mean, I haven’t seen that much pouting since Leslie Ash on MerseyCops or whatever that show’s called.
* gives no impression of intelligence – like most TV presenters these days. Howard, are you listening?

Grrr. She’ll probably be the next J-Lo or Kelly Brook now, I s’pose…


  • Tamsin Sylvester may not be the ideal host for Pure 24 however she is definatly pure eye candy and i find myself tuning in just to see what she is wearing and how she has styled her hair. pout away Tamsin!

  • Shazia

    why did 24 have to finsh

  • Carol Clewlow

    I'm in search of Tamsin Sylvester simply to find what happened to her, and this at the request of the rest of the family,and this because we are 24 fans and because we loved Pure 24 afterwards and in particular Tamsin. Tamsin.. wherever you are.. you were terrific. First of , we do not know and cannot understand why BBC was so crazy as to lose 24 but why they lost you we cannot understand. Sign that woman up immediately for something else. She is terrific. And anyone who doesn't see it is probably some very very sad dork.

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