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What do you want out of a holiday?

What do you want out of a holiday?

Someone had suggested that for the annual BDB holiday, I should try a week or two in Sorrento, Italy. Now, I’m sure it’s all very pretty with great food and gorgeous sunsets, but I don’t think there’s actually much to do there. Nothing to look at, nowhere to go … it’s just a relaxing holiday.

Whereas I want to run around, do things, look at things, go Hmmm a lot… and also relax by the pool with a potboiler of some sort. Or maybe even a book or three. Then again, the last time I went on holiday, I ended up taking 43 books with me. Of which I read three.

So I’m off to Luxor, Egypt. A place with, it can safely be said, plenty of things to do and see. And eat, and drink. and then from hence to Edinburgh just in time for the Festival.

See you in mid-August! If you want a postcard, just shout.


  • Molly wants a post card. She loves Egypt, although she's never been. But she watches a lot about it on television! =)

  • Have fun and take care….plenty of sun screen and avoid the ice cubes 🙂

  • I would adore a postcard as long as it is not an exploding one. And a virtual tour, thanks. Luxor hotel in Vegas is as close as I'll probably ever get to this.


  • Saturn

    I know this is a bit late, but "nothing to do" in the Bay of Naples??? (thats where Sorrento is, for info). You seriously need to look at your research methods…

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