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My failure with beautiful women #1

My failure with beautiful women #1

I’m at a small but elite party where the great and good have gathered.

There is a beautiful woman. A bit skinny but tall, elegant and by God, she has a smile that could sink a thousand ships. And hearts probably too. The fact she’s wearing a costume that sparks off visions of my very own Leela (and skimpier to boot) in my head can’t be bad either.

So, there I am. She’s smiling at me. My heartbeat goes up slightly.

Then she comes over. To me. I can’t believe it. My heartbeat is getting erratic at this point.

She says: “Oh there you are! I was looking for you earlier!”

And she gives another killer smile and looks in my eye. My heart is probably nudging my rib cage to see whether a jump out of my chest is possible, while as nonchantly as I can, I squeak “oh really?”

She says: “Oh yes. Come and sit down.”

and somehow, my heart takes time out from testing the strength of the rib cage to help move my legs over to the comfy sofa.

She sits, turns to me, gives me another mega-ton killer-watt smile with the beautiful bright big eyes, and says to me…

“Now … what can you tell me about search engines?”


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