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Tea or beer?

Tea or beer?

Suw‘s posted image showing how the British terror level is rated has popped up in a few

But I have one tiny little problem with it. We’re now all supposed to relax with a nice hot cup of tea. But aside from fulfilling American stereotypes about the Brits – what on earth is a macaroon?! – there’s this burning yellow thing in the sky, and at times like this, you do not want to sit in a little twee cafe with a hot cup of tea and a digestive biscuit.

What we all want...
No, damnit, you want a beer. And not one of those nampy-pampy American beers that comes in a half-a-pint bottle and has more fizz in it than an Alka-Seltzer. No, you want a full pint of beer that comes in a pint glass.

More to the point, you don’t want to consume said pint inside a hot sweaty dark bar. No, you want to be in a lovely beer garden sat on a wooden bench watching the world go by and chatting to your mates.

That’s how we do things round here, old boy. You can take your tea, and store it for the winter. It’s a pint we want, and we want it now.


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