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What is the big deal with Serenity or Firefly?

What is the big deal with Serenity or Firefly?

Many of my sci-fi friends have muttered to me on occasion of their love for Joss Whedon’s post-Buffy project, Firefly. A programme that – like Buffy, Angel, hell The X-Files – was something I was going to get around to seeing but never did. More victims of my entertainment overload.

Fortunately, for all those Firefly fans and folk like me who were only vaguely aware about it, there’s a film version coming out, called Serenity. But the omens aren’t good – at least if you’re an interested sci-fi fan but have only the vaguest notions of what it’s all about.

For starters, its’ TV origins play a heavy part in the Serenity trailer – much like the Fox trailers for the ill-fated Doctor Who TV movie from 1996. The trailer for Doctor Who 2005 studiously avoided any mention of the TV show’s 40-year history and just promised you a good time and a ride. And look how successful Doctor Who 2005 has become.

This wouldn’t matter so much if the Serenity trailer was compelling. But CGI eye-candy aside, it seems to devolve down to a mysterious woman being protected by her brother against an Evil Man/Empire ™ personified by the smiling black guy from Love, Actually. Not exactly a fantastic plot there!

Still, like Sith, watch me eat my words when I go see the film.


  • Evil102

    And the idea of actually watching a few episodes of Firefly on DVD to decide if it's any good is just too wacky, eh?

  • You know I made the exact same comments when I saw the trailer. Then my mate Dan forced me to watch the FF DVD's. I have to say FireFly is undoubtably one of the best TV series I have ever watched. Categorically brilliant. And now I can't wait for the movie. Trust me, go buy the DVDs it'll be 13 episodes of brilliant viewing. And will give some background to the movie.

    p.s. If you are near London at the end of the month, come to my bloggers braai/blog meet.

  • There's a reason they're making a movie out of a cancelled series. It's because everyone who watches it falls in love with it a little bit, and wants to see more. Watch the series, and I garuntee you'll be looking forward to the movie.

  • I think Serenity is out now, I've been reading some good reviews about it and my Sunday paper did a two page magazine spread about it a few weeks back. Looks good.

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