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Maybe it's because I'm a wannabe-Londoner…

Maybe it's because I'm a wannabe-Londoner…

If I was a part of London, I’d apparently be:

You scored -2 sophistication and -3 scintillation!
You are Clapham!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. You know how some personality tests say
that there are no right or wrong answers? This is NOT one of those

If you’re a man, you like listening to Coldplay and you thought
“I [Heart] Huckabees” was a “real mindbender”. If you’re a woman, you
sing Dido songs in the shower and watch the “Lost in Translation” DVD
(on your own) on Friday nights.

You’re nice, work in a fairly prestigious job, and have a
lifestyle that satisfies the aesthetic criteria of the aspirational
magazines that you read. However, a little demon inside your head
occasionally accuses you of being a beigist. The demon is right.

Link: The WHICH PART OF LONDON ARE YOU? Test written by fine-and-dandy on Ok Cupid

I have to point out that I don’t own any Coldplay CDs, nor Lost In Translation on DVD (although I wouldn’t mind). I can’t stand Dido and I haven’t seen the Huckabees movie yet.


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