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Is Omarion a wanker?

Is Omarion a wanker?

You may have heard about a few explosions in London yesterday and about 50 deaths and 700 injuries, but for the publicists behind Omarion, that doesn’t matter.

In the midst of all the chaos and confusion, the hitherto-unknown R&B crooner apparently put out a press release saying:

Omarion was in London during the tragic bombings that struck this morning … He would like his fans to pray that he has a safe trip and a safe return home. He appreciates your support.

Strangely, Omarion is now denying everything, saying:

” Omarion is in no way affiliated with the firm, AR PR Marketing, nor is “publicist Shana Gilmore” a legitimate publicist acting on behalf of the artist.”

Except oddly, do a Google search for the PR company with Omarion’s name and the first result is to a press release where AR PR Marketing have proudly “planned events for Omarion’s album release”. Well, there’s a connection. So … do we believe a record company or a reputable news agency?

Anyway, I say we Googlebomb his ass, so that a search for Omarion goes to that news story, or this post.

If you would like to join me in this enterprise, just stick a link on your webpage to either that news story or this entry, using the linkword Omarion. See, simple!

As of 18 July, a Google search for Omarion brings up this post up to #9. Which is nice.


  • lateshah

    i really love you sexyness

  • u kno wut get off of omari cuz he aint do nothin n-e body can jus say that he said that (rumor) so the best way to find the truth is to go to the person who its about and ask them if he said it aint true than it aint true so drop it me personally i dont think he did it yall cant neva jus let people live they life without all dis confusion and i aint hear nothin bout him bein in london while bombing is goin on and why would he be in london when tha scream tour is goin on HELLO shouldnt he be traveling with bowwow and b5 and them!!!!!!! so shut tha hell up cuz yall dont kno wut yall talkin about and who would want to look up omarions page on google if they not a fan?and try to put him as a wanker so whoeva made up this site is a WANKER so um gon somewhere wit dis wanker shit cuz it sound stupid omarion is a wanker how dat sound dis ia bull shit dis whole site i love omarion who doesnt ima bounce REPASENTIN DAT BIG LONE STAR STATE TEXAS BABY H-TOWN

  • Josie

    Omarion would never say anything that contridicts something else. You just don’t like him because he’s so very sexy! and he can sing and dance better than any man on the planet! and he does not play with himself either! He can get any girl to scream “O”, and I’m sure these people who are saying this about him could not. (I think you should learn how to leave people alone who ever you are?) And your probably the ones that are wankers! (thats such a stupid word) Bye-Bye!

  • Michelle

    why does it matter whether he says he was there or not? Either way he’s still alive, and what the heck is a wanker?

  • sparkle

    yall need to stop spreading rumors about omarion b/c i know he would never say anything like that so fuck the hell off got it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i received a letter from omarion mailing list and he did not deny knowing this pr company as he sed in his statement that he was working with them on his album release party. but they still didn’t have the right to publish such things they claim he was saying. no1 can be that selfish..

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  • The answer is yes, Omarion is a wanker. I read this statement this morning and thought it was utterly ridiculous.

  • I fart in his general direction.

    Considering the reek of my farts, that's actually quite lethal.

  • Firstly, who is he? Secondly, who does he think he is? Sheesh.

  • Dayzee-Omarions Wife

    OMFG. Omarion Is Ma Boo What a buff ting he his. Anyhoo My baooby boo would NEVER say anything like that, mmkay?

  • Dayzee AGAIN

    You people r nasty.
    Good page tho.

  • Sheff

    Well I have to say I had never heard of him until reading this entry in your blog – so his PR company have actually done a good job in this case…

  • Melissa

    I have loved Omarion 4ever and he had never siad nothing like that I think they r just trying 2 mess things up with him.

  • you guys can't say anything about Omarion. he is sweet and generous. don't mess with my baby like that

  • rudee

    omarion wud neva say dat!! so stop chattin macca u fukin arsewipes!!!

  • Missy

    I look what tha word wanker meant and it was somebody that plays with there self. Omarion does not do that he could get any girl yall need 2 stop hatin on him.

  • Anonymous


  • MsPleasure

    I kNOw My Husband is not a wanker so stop hatting on him thats what he has me for he dont eva have to play with his self!

  • Courtney

    Omarion is the Love of my life and yall need to leave him alone my baby would never say any thing like that so worry about your selfs and get of my baby's nuts

  • Anonymous

    i don't know if anyone has been watching 106&Park or not. But there was this guy with a new joint named Chris Brown and he was feat. the rapper Juan Santanez…. the guy could seriously dance and his only 16. Does Omarion have some competition?

  • Michelle

    why does it matter whether he says he was there or not? Either way he's still alive, and what the heck is a wanker?

  • Josie

    Omarion would never say anything that contridicts something else. You just don't like him because he's so very sexy! and he can sing and dance better than any man on the planet! and he does not play with himself either! He can get any girl to scream "O", and I'm sure these people who are saying this about him could not. (I think you should learn how to leave people alone who ever you are?) And your probably the ones that are wankers! (thats such a stupid word) Bye-Bye!

  • jonnae

    yall just mad that omarion is blowin up ya need 2 stop drankin dat hatorade and leave him alone!!! and ya need 2 speak english wtf is a wanker?


    omarion iz not a MEAN person so get it straight ok get it therw dem thick minez of yurs he's A SEXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PERSON HOLLA

  • jazzy- j

    0omarion is the finesttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttman on thisearth

  • As of 21st July we're up to #8. Yee-hah!

  • Polly

    My goodness these illiterates take their fandom very seriously don't they? Are you all seriously suggesting that Omarion (and by the way… Who?) has never had a wank? Why on earth not? He must be bloody bursting by now…

  • Nikeya

    Wat up iz yo gurl the keke baby all i want to say iz that my husband is not a wanker and get it staight.

  • I think that he is not a wanker? And people how think he is, is not a fan of omarion? And they not have f*ck all 2 do, so they make sh*t up about people? That is what i think? love charlene

  • Anonymous

    boy u no i love so much i bet your dick is big

  • Nikeya

    This yo gurl O keke baby known as omarions keke baby and all i want to say is that i don't know what wanker mean but i know that my husband omarion is not one of them so ya'll better ckack his stitis

  • Princess bell x


  • Jolee Crawlle

    listen! omari did not do anything and I should Know because i am his fiance. So ya`ll need to get off his back, cause m baby didn`t do jack.This is his wife Nysalee(Nisalee)

  • All yall haters need to leave my baby alone, including the itch who said my baby was her wife(Honey u need to go get a man that wants u). My baby didn`t do jack,so all yall need to go get a man or become a dyke cause my baby dont want you and he didn`t do jackso get off his back. Damn Haters!!!!!!!

  • well im a real big omarion fan and by his side no matter what, i just wish i knew and actually saw what happened, but omarion and the othes from london are in my prayers

  • matycia

    omarion had nothing to dowith this. Quit accusing him of something that happened in another country. you all are so dum get a clue! you are just mad because you ain't omarion. ya you heard me sucker!




  • Tiny N Jayd

    oh u ppl need to fix i was jus lookin 4 sum pix of omarion on net den i came cross ur mud site u ppl need a fukin life! Livin!! mud ppl

  • marjani

    this is absurd! omari is clearly not showing disragard for the injuries and deaths of those in the incident that was very un fortunant but he is being realistic . when the twin towers fell if you were near by you prayed to whatever god you believed in to make it out alive. thats faith not disregard. dont chastize and slander someone if you havent thought about how you would act in that situation. stop turning harmless comments into scandals. who's hypocritcal? those who are writing this article about omari about his comment instead of writing about the bombing and those that were hurt and killed or omari who just wanted to return home safely to those who care about him like his friends and family and fans.and all the gils who just wrote that omari is fine dont really love him because you would incourage your mna in his time of need instead of just writing tthat he is cute.

  • Cassandra

    O don't worry all of ur fans got ur bak…and all u ppl need to get a life leave O alone hes a nice guy and he dont need crap from u!! Love Ya O!!

  • Kelsey Dickinson

    I believe that O was just scared and didn't know what he was saying at the time. I'm sure he feels bad from haveing everyone reacted to his favor in such a bad manor, but people make mistakes and he should be forgiven.. Although I don't forgive him for leaving B2K!!!!

  • sabrina

    omarion is not a bad boy! he was faced with a decision and he made his choice. we should respect that and apreciate that he still makes music.

  • Omarion is not a wanker. he never played with his self

  • Omarion is not a wanker! he never played with hi self

  • nailah

    Fuck yall my man ain't no wanker!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Cassandra and sexy, tell them girls.All u haters stop hating on O and get a life; don`t worry Omarion we got ur back. Love ya ur #1 fan.

  • samone

    omarion is ugly man who would like him not me

  • Anonymous

    i love omarion and always will ai am ur #1 fan 4 life

  • April

    Omarion has some sexy eyes. Omarion is cute

  • lateshah

    i really love you sexyness

  • Manoucheca

    Yall Needa stop this bullshit omari's the bomb yall jus hatin cause yall can't stand a man thats betta than u so stfu(s-shut t-the f-fuck u-up

  • Tosin Adeyinka

    Well,if u ask me it's equal say so dat means dat he has the right 2 do exactly what he chooses 2 do.

  • Patricia

    I think ya'll should leave my baby alone and please if your reading this Omarion please hit me up when your free e-mail

  • Kisha


  • mz omari


  • he is a horny devil love u loads XxXgabiXxX luv u hunni

  • jackie

    yo let me let everyone know that o is my #1 husband so back off i love you omarion i'll never forget your sexy @$$ love you

  • jackie

    ya all hating because o is my husband and not yours so back the f*** back he don't want or like ya so jump off don't ya understand he mine and he's not to share im his #1 fan and #1 wife don't hate i'm just 2 cute and 2 hot 2 handle so f*** off and jump off his shit he's mine

  • Omari'sgirl101

    Omarion is so sexy I've loved him since day 1. To all yall haters well…. Yall need to stop hatin on my man. And a yall b****es need to fine somebody else because omarion is all mines. Halla!!!!!

  • omarions*lover

    i love omarion so much i am 12 2day but i just want to say i love you omarion and who thinks omarion is a wanker i will get them even if i die for him I LOVE YOU OMARION!!! i want to meet you love omarions lover

  • Omarion's baby

    OMFG!!!! omarion iz pengaling u ppl jus h8 on him omarion iz my hubz 4 life

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