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Live8 – why is London ticketed and Philadelphia not?

Live8 – why is London ticketed and Philadelphia not?

Live 8 London is being held in Hyde Park. Apparently the biggest event in Hyde Park’s history, I think around 150,000 tickets were issued.

Now take a look at the Parkway, Philadelphia where they’re holding Live 8 Philadelphia. Apparently, the stage is on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art – where Rocky ran up and cheered in that training montage. That image is on maximum zoom, so it looks smaller than Hyde Park. Except it’s a total free-for-all – you literally just show up – and they’re expecting something like two million spectators.

So if Hyde Park is bigger than the Parkway (as it would appear), why is there less room for spectators? Not fair! *pout*


  • I missed almost all of it 🙁

  • Because Americans aren't stupid enough to waste the equivalent of £1.50 on the chance of a ticket for a rather shit gig?

    Only, to be fair, they've got the better acts.

  • The parkway is not that big. I've gone to other free events there, like fireworks, etc, and it's always total madness. Live 8 is going to be insane.

  • Babyraven

    Kind of shocked that you think that, Mosh, because everyone *I* want to see is playing over there! In fact, my post was going to say that maybe the reason that they're ticketing there is because there are people worth paying to see.

    Stevie Wonder is the only act here in Philly I give half a damn about.

  • I tried buying concert tix today for the first time in years and they're too damn steep. Think I'll just stalk the artists I want to see, it's cheaper.

    When I come to the UK to stalk Robert Plant, are you going to be my trusty sidekick? 😉

  • Berlin got Green Day. We got Mariah Carey. Who admittedly has much nicer jugs, but isn't quite so entertaining unless you can get her into a paddling pool filled with baby oil.

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