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Possibly the biggest set of concerts in the world gets underway this weekend. I only know one person who’s going – and he got his tickets from a friend who couldn’t go. Whereas I texted at least 20 times and didnt’ get a ticket at all.

Out of interest, does anyone know how people in Philadelphia, Italy, Russia etc. got their tickets?

As someone who gets inordinately excited at the prospect of huge events, multiple satellite feeds and three channels of televisual coverage (not to mention the web coverage), I’m really looking forward to sitting in my armchair with a remote control and flicking through all the coverage of Live8 on the BBC. Unless I decided to pop outside and watch the HDTV big screen in Cardiff…

Except … there’s no way one man can possibly keep track of all three feeds, flicking back and forth. Especially when he has other duties that weekend.

Is there anyone else sad enough to spend the day flicking back and forth, or is it just me?

And of course, you should donate to a charity. Although since Oxfam’s Making Poverty History wristbands apparently came from a Chinese sweatshop factory, I’m not too sure which one to suggest. Perhaps Comic Relief

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  • Isn’t the whole point that you *don’t* give any money away? Or something? It’s all confusing.

    Sharon’s going – assuming her tickets arrive while she’s on holiday. I’ll be avoiding it like the plague. After all, virtually every act on in London is shit. The US has all the decent ones, and I’ve got better things to do with my time than watch Elton John try and relive a gig he was too fucked out of his head to remember 20 years ago.

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