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It's just a game, boys!

It's just a game, boys!

Last night, just when I was feeling sluggish in the afternoon humidity, I got a last-minute invite to join the work department 5-a-side football (or soccer to you Amerikanski) one-day tournament. And I foolishly said yes.

It should be pointed out that my football skills are not particularly fantastic, nor is my general fitness level. Still, it beats going to the gym for exercise, and it gets you out and about. Plus there’s a huge element of teamwork, camaraderie etc.

Just a bit of a shame that in the first match, we lost seven-nil. But since I was a sub on the bench, that wasn’t my fault as such. During the second match, I went on for seven minutes – and at the end I was dripping in sweat. All I’d done was to lamefully try tackling a striker or two, or run around after the ball. Still, great fun – even if I was a wheezing sweating wreck at the end of it all. Which is a bit of a shame since there were a few ladies in football tops to rest my eye on…

Some of the other players and teams were taking it a bit too seriously. One of the guys is a senior manager, and one of the nicest guys in the world at work. However, on the pitch, he was gutted, distraught and generally an angry man. It’s just a game!

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