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Back from Crete…

Back from Crete…

Got back from my first beach holiday in Crete. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but it wasn’t a dream come true either.

On the plus side, I met some great new people. It was like being back at University in Freshers Week, except I did it right this time. Relaxing at the beach – or rather relaxing in the shade by the pool – was a great new thing, just relaxing and reading or even chatting to others in the group. The sightseeing trips were (for the most part) fun. So on that front it was a good holiday.

I even got a romantic moonlight snog. Unfortunately, we were both rather drunk, and she promptly had an allergic reaction to something, her face swelled and she disappeared and hid in her room for two days.

There was another woman who kept trying to entice me. Unfortunately, said woman was about as alluring as Barbara Windsor – and looked liked her as well. Hell, that’s what I told her when I first saw her in a drunken splutter, and she still tried seducing me. It turned out that she was mother to two kids, on benefits, and had to take out a personal loan to go on holiday, where presumably she *really* wanted to find a new boyfriend.

Only I could go on a singles holiday with 18 women, 12 men (two of which made me look like a social butterfly and hence were out of the equation) and fail to get anywhere. Although I’m quetly chatting up Emma…

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