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Too late to be a Glastonbury virgin?

Too late to be a Glastonbury virgin?

About this time every year, I muse on the fact I should have been courageous enough to get some tickets for the Glastonbury festival. And yet again, this year, time, money and lack of companions have conspired so I never got round to getting tickets. Although I am at least no longer a festival virgin. Huzzah.

However, with Glastonbury 2006 not happening, this basically means that if I want to pop my Glastonbury and festival camping virginity for Glastonbury 2007, I will be 33. Not a pretty age to be camping for the first time, never mind going to the festival. Damn. It was tricky enough trying not to look like a dull acccountant/geek at Download.

That is, if I can even get a ticket. If my lack of success at getting Live8 tickets are anything to go by, I’ll have to be a Oxfam festival steward. And I imagine an ignorance of all things camping is not going to go down well in that field.

Do they even allow newbie thirty-somethings with no camping experience to Glastonbury these days anyway? How easy is it to put up a tent these days?


  • My main “downers” on camping are a) it’s often so damn hot the tent turns into a sauna and it’s impossible to sleep (cold is better!) and b) when you’re knackered and 10,000 other people want to have a really loud party outside of your front door.

  • You've never been camping? It's not all that, although it is generally cheaper (but not when you share a Travel Inn room with 3 other's…..). Trust me, having your 'own' toilet and shower is really worth the extra pence!

  • Last time I went camping, it was a river trip, so we had these things called "rocket boxes" to use as toilets and a guy on his own raft to haul out all the poo…HUZZAH!

  • I'm with Anni – B&Bs and corporate hospitality is the way forward!

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