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Why do we need Tom Cruise?

Why do we need Tom Cruise?

In the wake of Tom Cruise’s confrontation with a water pistol, some parts of the entertainment PR world are horrified because it could mean less Hollywood stars gracing the UK with their presence for premieres and the like.

Good. The UK has – and I say this as a closet Americanophile – depended on the US for far too long for entertainment value and pop culture. The worst part is that we take the worst bits.

Just why is Paris Hilton famous over here? She hasn’t done anything over here. It’s not as if the Americans are slaving over our nearest equivalent to her. Tom Cruise’s star wattage power disappeared a long time ago. The Michael Jackson verdict took 20 minutes on BBC1’s main evening news.

In the meantime, some of the excellent pop-culture stuff pumped out by America hardly touches us. Curb Your Enthusiasm is only on DVD. Scrubs is shoved on at some random hour. David Letterman’s not shown, neither is The Daily Show. What gives?

So while I feel a tad sorry for Tom Cruise – although having four TV people thrown in jail and charged with assault over a water pistol seems a bit much. He should have done what Sharon Osbourne did – thrown a bucket of water over them.

Although this gets into another question over why Americans (for the most part) have a perception gap between what they think they’re doing – gracing the UK with its presence over cheap stunts – and what the British public tend to perceive. Look at David Blaine – he spent 28 days sitting in a box over the Thames, but did we love him for it? Hell, no.

But Katie Holmes? I would.


  • Right on. We need more Brit. celebrities here, please send them over posthaste! Except Posh & Beck-ham – please take them back immediately.

    I don’t know why Pee-Rash Hilt-on is famous over there. She hasn’t done anything over here, either. I mean, other than being a snot & a slut.

    So who is her nearest British equivalent?

  • We don't need Tom Cruise at all. We should ship him off to a distant planet and forget about him. Tuit suite, if you ask me. I cringe every time I see a picture of him and have been known to turn magazines over so I don't have to look at him. ICKY!!

  • James

    The Daily Show is going to be on Channel 4's new More4 Freeview channel once they get rid of E4+1 when Big Brother finishes in September.

  • What's not to love about Tom Cruise? He's just your average psycho cult-worshipping Scientologist on crack.

  • Why don't they try squirting Vinnie Jones? Now *that* would be funny.

    a) He's British

    b) He'd kick fuck out of them

  • Katie Holmes is a very pretty beard. God knows why she's doing it though. Oh, wait, doesn't she have a film out too?

  • I think Tom Cruise is the best! He’s my idol , i adore him. i wish upon many stars to meet him in person. that would be A DREAM COME TRUE! Oh my God! i love you thomas cruise

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