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Bad Wolf take #2 – was that all it was?

Bad Wolf take #2 – was that all it was?

Not that I wish to rehash my own words – but erm… after weeks of people everywhere agonising
everywhere over what Bad Wolf is, was that all it was?

Spoilers ahead…

The trouble with Bad Wolf merely being clues left by Rose/the Time Vortex to lead itself back to save the Doctor from the final confrontation with the Daleks is …

1. Why “Bad Wolf”? Why not a less cryptic message … “save the Doctor”?
2. A good explanaition makes you slap your head and go “Oh my gosh! Of course!”. This one just made me go “Eh ?!”

Although of course, I don’t think the phrase Bad Wolf was actually spray-painted, or used as the callsign of a helicopter or a nuclear power station project. More likely that the TARDIS, which already translates alien languages so Rose can understand them, subtly adjusted them so that where, say, people not affected by the TARDIS would see/hear the words “Cardiff Nuclear Power Project”, Rose and the Doctor would see “Bad wolf” instead. Although why that is, who knows?

Plus the fact I hate any ending which turns any character into a god-like being with previously undiscovered powers to get them out of a situation. Although (as has been pointed out on Gallifrey One), it’s literally a deus-ex-machina plotdevice. Very droll.

But otherwise, what an episode. Just when you think Doctor Who has no surprises left, it manages to show most Doctor fan-boy moments (the Doctor kisses! The TARDIS materialises inside something! An entire Dalek fleet! Daleks hovering in space!).

Although I was really looking forward to seeing an epic space battle between a Dalek fleet and a human fleet, instead of your classic invasion of a space station a la Resurrection of the Daleks. The regeneration seemed a bit hurried – although I love the final line…


  • C. Will G.

    …you want cryptic messages?
    …try “fnord”…that’ll fry your ganglia…

  • Dear Badly,

    I regret, but I had to meme you. I just did.


  • Bad Wolf isn’t finished yet. There is more to Bad Wolf than meets the eye, in my opinion, and the true “BAD WOLF” may not be revealed until the possible end of Season 2 with David Tennant, and Captain jack will play an integral role. The BAD WOLF is THE MASTER!!! Trust me.

    Lawrence R. Dagstine
    fiction author

  • Sorry to disagree, but I thought the Bad Wolf explanation was quite good. It's a trigger phrase that Rose would only understand after having been to Satellite 5. It prevents her and the Doctor from being too suspicious in the past of their own timeline, and thus gives only one resolution when the trigger is activated.

    I hate deus ex machina endings too (thinking here of Robert Rankin's books), but this episode worked despite that. It was more about the whole package, closer to a long epic movie than just a TV series to keep kids quiet before bedtime. Even the kiss, not strictly kosher Doctor Who, was easily justified by the need for the Doctor to save Rose from brain explosion.

    As for the regeneration scene, it was fantastic! Fast is good in this case. This Doctor doesn't hang around… Shame about the leak, but at least they kept enough quiet for it to be a pleasant surprise.

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