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League of Gentlemen: Apocalypse – not giving people what they want

League of Gentlemen: Apocalypse – not giving people what they want

Surely one of the first rules in any endeavour is to give your customers what they want. Unfortunately, while the League of Gentlemen have been extraordinarily clever and quite resourceful with the film League of Gentlemen: Apocalypse, it’s not actually that funny.

Part of the problem is that you want to see the characters in The League of Gentlemen, preferably being funny. Instead in the film, they mostly go around pontificating about their creators and getting into various japes – some of which are hilarious, but do seem a tad out-of-context compared to the dark character-based laughs one is used to having from The League.

Also, the other film within the film – the film that The League are supposed to be writing – seems to have been written almost as an afterthought. While it works as an affectionate semi-spoof on horror films, it doesn’t really go anywhere at all.

A few excellent good gags and some excellent performances aren’t quite enough to make up for seeing characters you’ve grown to “love” reduced to Media Studies graduates pondering on their existence. And it feels far too cult-y to work effectively in a mass-audience way like cinema. But it’s still worth seeing.


  • Joe G

    "It's a really disappointing film. It doesn't really go anywhere at all. It's not actually that funny. But it's still worth seeing." Oh, you are a wag.

  • Then there's the fact that the TV series it's based on is complete and utter shite. That won't have helped.

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