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Connect with people – ask about their family ?!

Connect with people – ask about their family ?!

How are you? If you want to know – ask sincerely

“People are astonished when you ask after their family and their work. Why should you? No one else does. Asking shows that you see the person as more than someone behind the counter and presents a genuine question rather than a catch phrase.”

Further proof that I don’t appear to be part of the human race…

I’m having huge problems with my boss this week. And to be fair to her, she’s trying in her own way to make amends. Which usually involves being ‘nice’ to me or taking an interest in my no-called life. This culminated in her keeping me behind for five mins on Friday just when I was leaving to ask me the usual questions about family, weekends and plans.

Instead of feeling valued and wanted, I just felt like someone was trying to manipulate me so that I’d think they liked me when the truth is so far from that.

When I work at my parents’ takeaway, the odd customer will come up and ask how my sisters and family are. They don’t really care – nor would they really take notice unless I told them they’d joined Al-Qaeda or something. They’re just making idle conversation.

So stop that “How is your family?” shit. And just get on with it.

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