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Bad Wolf – was that all it was?

Bad Wolf – was that all it was?

Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Who: Bad Wolf if you haven’t already seen it…

After weeks of fans agonising everywhere over what Bad Wolf is, was that the end? After all the tantalising hints scattered around 12 hours of television, it’d be a shame for it just to be the covername behind a Dalek-owned TV company.

Having said that, if it is more than just the covername, I want to know next week! What I don’t want to happen is for RTD to pull a Chris Carter on us and reveal Bad Wolf, but leave us hanging for the next part of the great alien conspiracy. Or maybe I do. But don’t leave us hanging! Please!

The episode itself started off very lightly, footloose and fancy-free, with various spoof of TV shows. Then it pulled a surprise 30 minutes in, and my jaw literally dropped. And we’re not talking about the Daleks.

The rest of it seemed a set-up to what is undoubtedly going to be a fantastic episode next week. The Doctor Who website has some sage advice for those of us who don’t want to know what happens next week – avoid the Internet. Thanks. That really helps. They ought to add “Don’t go out tonight … there’s a bad wolf/moon on the rise…”.

Although we all pretty much know what the main highlight is going to be, thanks to some inept press officers, it hasn’t stopped people endlessly speculating about who is the power behind the Daleks. My flatmate is convinced that it’s Adam – a theory pretty much rubbished by others. I’ve heard other theories about it being the Master, or Mickey, or even the Valeyard.

I just want to know, damnit! Except next Saturday, I shall be working. Again. Grrrr.


  • Hopefully you saw RTD’s interview in which he dismissed every theory he’s yet heard about Bad Wolf and said that there’s still another major reveal to come this week.

    When you’ll be working….(sorry)

  • You've no doubt seen the IMDB entry/cast list for next week's ep. That reveals one or two things…

  • akatsuki

    It's taking every ounce of willpower NOT to click on the preview trailers. ..

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