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Can you recommend a good domain name seller?

Can you recommend a good domain name seller?

I keep hearing horror stories about people who register domain names ( and .com) and when you come to renew years later, or want to transfer to another registrar/host, they slap huge admin charges on you.

Are there any good/reputable (and also cheap!) domain name sellers you can recommend? 🙂


  • I have absolutely no qualms with, I’ve been using them for 3 years now and their prices are very low too.

  • Do NOT use GoDaddy. Speaking from very bitter experience, their terms and conditions are really bad, and shut down my business for 6 days without notice. That cost over $100K US. If you are using the URL to make money, pay the extra and got with one of the big ones. Network Solutions for example.

    If you are looking for a cheap webhost, do a Google.

  • Saturn

    One sage piece of advice I can offer – avoid Low Cost Domains (LCN) like the plague. They are a load of old Tottenham. A steaming pile of Hotspur.

  • have all mine. I used to be with BritishNIC but moved just to get them all in one place.

  • is cheap and they are REALLY great. I have registered umpteen domain names with them and have never had a problem. They let you do stuff like forward the domain for free, too.

  • I used, and I've never had a problem with them, not even when I let my domain expire for like, two days and then buy it again (as I do EVERY YEAR). But I don't use them for web hosting. It would probably be easiest just to buy a domain through your web host.

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