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The Welsh Pet Shop Boys

The Welsh Pet Shop Boys

Some friends of friends have put together a band called clinigol – described as Pet Shop Boys-esque electronic/dance synthpop. In Welsh.

It does sound quite nice, but I do like having lyrics I can understand in dance music. Even if they are the inane babblings of an German whose English isn’t perfect nor does it make any sense.

But then I realised that some of my other favourite dancemusic tunes include Voyage Voyage by Desireless, which makes absolutely no sense to me. It’s in French. and I still catch myself mouthing away to what I assume to be the lyrics.

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  • I’m Welsh, though not a native speaker. It’s probably a cultural thing, but I love hearing people singing in the language.

    My English mates always used to call it noisey yodelling.

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