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More sexual fetishes

More sexual fetishes

In the third decade of my life, I had foolishly thought I’d heard of most sexual tweaks/fetishes that were there. After all, I’ve been on the net for 12 years – and my first job involved reviewing erotic books for a living. Reading about a sci-fi erotica novel that features a phallus which changes your genitals and the liquid you fill into them (be it semen or vodka) at the flick of a dropdown rather opens your eyelids at the age of 21.

Plus there was this time I was on a date (shock! gasp!), and to while away a dull moment in the conversation, I asked her what the weirdest thing she’d done was. The usual response is sex on the beach or cinema or something similar.

Not this woman. She said she’d been a former heroin addict, and to make ends meet she’d become a coprophiliac prostitute/escort – essentially pooping into mens’ mouths (or tables) for money. Shame I never saw her again, really.

After that, I thought, what else can you do with poop in a sexual fetish fashion? Nothing, I thought. Then I stumbled across this post (after discovering that on a certain search engine, I’m in the top 20 entries for fisting for some reason). And now, yet again, I’m left marvelling that there’s still stuff to learn – and wondering how one realises that injecting poop into the skin induces a sexual thrill. If it does.


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