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Can Doctor Who make Cardiff beautiful?

Can Doctor Who make Cardiff beautiful?

Russell T. Davies, the creator/saviour of Doctor Who 2005, is apparently going to make Cardiff look like a beautiful televisual modern city (on a par with what Queer As Folk apparently did for Manchester) with the forthcoming episode Boomtown.

I’m not too sure whether this is going to work, because in my mind, the only televisually-beautiful and modern part of Cardiff is the Wales Millennium Centre and the plaza immediately in front of it. Even then, the building itself can be accused of being a bit too obvious.

The other much-lauded parts of modern Cardiff, frankly, are terrible. Mermaid Quay just feels too modern and designed like a shopping mall, designed to sell people stuff as quickly as possible. Atlantic Wharf would be paradise for an American mall-teen but otherwise is just too modern and geared towards selling things – the only thing you can do in there that’s free is walk in and out.

There are things that can be said for historical Cardiff but to my mind none of them seem as grand as the buildings dotted around Edinburgh. Although people have told me to just look up to see the wonders of architectural Cardiff.

Then again, given the wonders that Doctor Who 2005 has brought – who would have thought that Doctor Who could not only come back but conquer Saturday night TV in a multi-channel digital age? – I’m fully prepared to eat my words when I catch Boomtown. Although, sods law being what it is, all my Saturday nights seem to have been booked up since Doctor Who started. Bet you that as soon as it ends, Saturday nights will be bereft and lonesome again.


  • Well, looking at the preview after last weeks episode, they seem to be showing the Millenium Centre, and the plaza in front of it (and I still haven't forgiven you for telling me *after* that the tardis was there, when I could have gone and seen it).

    And any American teen would just laugh at Atlantic Wharf – there's nowt in there.

  • The reason you have a social life on Saturdays is because everyone now wants to go out to avoid fecking Dr fecking Who.

  • So…you complain that your town is not attractive enough. I complain that mine is made to look *too* attractive. L.A. is a shitheap, y'all.

  • I've just watched the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who….wow v. good.

    God bless mutli region DVD players!

  • I don't care, but you will – there's going to be a Dr Who xmas special this year. No idea if it'll link this series with the next, or just be a one-off.

  • I watched my first Dr Who this Saturday – it was the cardiff one. It was great except for Billy 'Can't Sing, Can't Act Either' Piper.

  • akatsuki

    Cardiff looked good in Boomtown, but I guess they didn't film in the "clone town" parts of it. As for Edinburgh, it can be butt-ugly too. Just depends on where you go, and what tint your glasses have. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My turn to ask a work question: Is the Welsh location guide to Doctor Who one of your projects?

  • yeah, you missed them catapulting a brand new BMW into the river near Canary Wharf, too!

  • akatsuki, yes, one of many projects. And where's your email address? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Andys

    ..infact, my opinion is that Dr Who actually made Cardiff tacky…and not the other way around. If you take the time, you will find it is a beautiful varied interesting City. Open your eyes and stop the unsubstantiated comments.

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