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For once, they get the top film right

For once, they get the top film right

Every so often, one of those top-100 film/music/book/pieces of glue polls goes around, and invariably the best thing of all time simply isn’t.

Fortunately, at least they got the top Chinese film of the 21st Century right – Farewell My Concubine, a luxurious tale of two opera singers in love over fifty years of some of the most turbulent events in China’s history – with a gay subplot, traces of transgenderism and the gorgeous Li Gong. I only hope Chungking Express also made the list!

After I’d first seen the film, I was so convinced my Dad would love it (seeing as he used to love chinese opera) that I bought the videotape, and gave it to him for Christmas. Within five minutes of putting the film on, he’d fallen fast asleep.

There are times when I wonder if I have anything in common with my family.


  • I'll have to check that movie out. And sweetie, at least your whole family doesn't sit down to watch Nascar after Thanksgiving dinner.

  • My dad does that too…that's why my mom bought him a reclining chair for his birthday so he doesn't hurt his neck falling asleep in front of the tv

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