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So is this the way to Amarillo?

So is this the way to Amarillo?

Non-British friends of mine have apparently been amused by the odd
reference to Is This The Way To Amarillo, and the way it’s overtaken the cheesy cultural zeitgeist of this once-great nation of ours like a virus that swarms and multiplies. At least until that damn cursed Crazy Frog/Axel-F video took over. Ding ding.

So for my non-British chums, here is the video that might just explain what it’s all been about – Tony Christie / Peter Kay doing the 1970s / 2005 hit Is This The Way To Amarillo?. Just for the Pissed Kitty, there’s even a Cliff Richard impersonator.

It became such a huge hit that The Sun paid for Tony Christie (the original singer) to fly out to Amarillo. Except he was nowhere to be seen by the local press.

It was a charity single for Comic Relief which made UK chart history by spending seven weeks at no.1, so some good came of it. And it’s guaranteed (right now at least) to get un-ironic and exceedingly ironic British people up and dancing at weddings everywhere. Maybe funerals, too.

If you liked it, please donate some money to charity. And I’d be intrigued to hear a non-British reaction to this.


  • What's a video without midgets? That's what I always ask myself. It was very entertaining, although I didn't know who most of the people being impersonated were. (I got Ghandi, but that's about it.) Sorry, I'm just a news-ignorant 'Merkin.

  • too true

    Umm … I suppose the garish clothes are meant to suggest that Texans are stupid and coarse?

    Your soldiers' version was much better.

  • Anonymous

    army won shat all over the other one

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