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I miss football…

I miss football…

There are times when I miss the fact that I used to vaguely know about football, and this is one of them.

When I was a kid, you just had to support a football team – and seeing as I was born in Liverpool, there was pretty much only one choice. And I went through the whole rigmarol of collecting/horsetrading football stickers. But time went by, Susie left town for some foreign guy, and by the time I got to University it was just one of those things that I left behind.

So it’s rather escaped me why this is such a surprise to everyone – as far as I’m concerned, Liverpool were always a top-notch team. And I’m also slightly confused as to why they can’t “defend” their title next year.

But these are the Qs you can’t ask your friends for fear of exposing one’s footballing ignorance. Even though my friends have already deduced that talking knowledgably about the wherefores of Arsenal or Manchester United will generally draw blank stares from me. Especially when done in Welsh.

Any tips on how to follow football for the next season without looking like an imbecile?


  • Liverpool, whilst finally getting that jug forever, only came 6th in the Premiership. The European Champion's League (i.e. wot they just won) is made up of the top four teams from the participating countries. So despite having the cup, Liverpool didn't do well enough in the Premiership to qualify for next year's cup…

    Liverpool were a top notch team (the Man U of the late 70s/early80s in fact) but rarely won a league or a cup for at least the last decade despite having some of the best 'native' players (Owen, Rooney, Gerrard etc)

  • Ask Mosh, he'll no doubt love to expound on the why's and why nots of it all.

  • Foo…ball?

    Can't make heads or tails of it.

    Ever notice how big and round their butts are, though…?

  • Rooney played for Liverpool? I think the Blue half of the city might not agree with you there…

  • You can do what I do. Look pretty and bark at the cute bums of the players.


  • Ew. Tiny box for the comments. Ick.

    Mags is right in part regarding Liverpool's league position (though they finished 5th, not 6th) and therefore why they can't compete next season. But, there is a get-out clause. The country's FA (i.e. ours) is allowed, by UEFA regulations, to submit the winning team if they finish outside of the top 4 AT THE EXPENSE OF THE FOURTH POSITION TEAM who drop into the UEFA Cup.

    This 4th placed team is Everton (for those who don't know, Everton are *also* a Liverpool-based team and the two grounds are separated by about half a mile of grassland). Much local rivalry.

    A few years ago, the Italian League had to make this decision and Real Zaragoca lost their Champs Leage position to make way for the team who won to defend their trophy.

    For some reason, the English FA seem to think that UEFA will make Liverpool some exception to the rule. They won't – or shouldn't. The rules were in black and white and the FA made the decision about a month ago that the 4th-placed team would go through regardless. The idiots. I just *know* that at half time they were all sat there going "whew!". And then slitting their wrists when Liverpool won it.

    A couple of years ago, Arsenal and Chelsea met in the quarter finals. The rule decided then by the FA was that if either of them won, they would defend the trophy regardless of where they finished in the league. They just decided, for some barmy reason, to make a different decision for a non-London team this year.

    What a surprise.

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