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Moving on up…

Moving on up…

Back in the early 90s, I was a student radio DJ on Radio Ramair FM. To be frank, I was rather terrible at it and there are a pile of tapes sitting at home which I will never, ever, listen to again. In my humble opinion, I had some vague ideas but my voice was terrible and it sounded like a croaked Dalek merged with Darth Vader. Hardly a warm voice you’d want to listen to. I much preferred life behind the scenes, messing around with reel-to-reel tape amd getting celebrity interviews and voiceovers.

One of my fellow DJs was Lucio – he was quite popular amongst the student unions, radio folk and the various societies, but he never seemed to have a particular inkling for rock music, unlike Mosh who seemed to be down at the rock club every weekend. Then again, there were plenty of leather-clad ladies for Mosh to keep an eye on. He went on to become Communications Secretary of the Union, although that was the year after I’d left for the bright lights of Gerrards’ Cross.

So it was somewhat surprising to see Lucio hailed as a “champion of rock music” and “one of the most exciting new radio DJs in the UK” as he prepares to join XFM on the weekend breakfast slot.

Of course, there’s probably a fair amount of media spin behind this particular story – it’s probably not that difficult to entice a radio DJ from a digital radio station to one broadcasting on analogue in London. Unless XFM’s street cred has seriously gone downhill since I left London.


  • Can I use the words "slippery little cunt" on this blog?

  • Lucio

    Hmmm … no idea who ya are, but I put on a gay indie night at UBU (in Subway) and used to play bands like Pavement on Ramair … along with going to 1 in 12 club regularly and Cockpit in Leeds and also Rio occasionally (but it was a shit hole)…

    Anyway good luck with ya site

    L x

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