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Obsessed with Faithless's music video

Obsessed with Faithless's music video

For some reason, I find myself rather obsessed with the music video for Faithless’s latest great track, Why Go featuring Estelle. Essentially, it features this woman who just can’t stop dancing. at all. In the club, walking down the street, in her flat, sleeping, etc. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has an understated sexy minxy look about her.

Like all simple concepts, you need a twist halfway thru – which comes when she passes a suited slicked-back-blonde-hair guy on the escalator on the tube. Except, he’s dancing too! You can kinda guess what happens next – except it’s taken to extremes. They dance together all the time – on a date, in bed, getting married etc.

What surprises me about my reaction to the video is when said suited yuppie pops on screen – I instinctively hate him with every fibre of my being. It may be the yuppie thing, it may be that I’m in love with minxy dancer. But I just can’t explain it.

It probably doesn’t help that I seem to like Faithless a lot. partly because I am utterly convinced that the lead singer (a gaunt black man) is the spitting image of my Dad (a gaunt balding Chinese man).

But I do know that for whatever reason, I’m rather obsessed with it right now. Forget Star Wars – I haven’t been this obsessed about a music video since Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes. And that only had one great shot in it.

Oh, and it’s a damn good track of course. Earnest, wistful, yearning, and totally suits my mood right now.


  • Know what you mean about that video, i saw it for the first time this morning and couldn't stop smiling, i've told all my mates about it, maybe it's one of those things that you have to see to get though…They didn't seem half as excited as me…

  • Anonymous

    HAha same here

  • Tonto

    Afer seeing the video for the first time just a few minutes ago, I couldn't resist googling to find out more about her. Gotta go find out more about this lovely wench !!

  • djmalo

    Yes i'm also obsessed about this video 🙂

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