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Reasons to get an X-Box 360

Reasons to get an X-Box 360

I currently own a Playstation 2 and an X-Box. Aside from the odd spurt of gaming obsession (mostly with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Halo), they mostly sit there lying, begging to be used and played with. So when news first eeked out about the X-Box 360, I wasn’t that particularly bothered.

Until I saw that the X-Box 360 comes with a built-in Media Center Extender. Which basically means it can hook up to my PC network (wirelessly I assume), and let me watch digital videos or photos stored on my PC, in the living room on my TV set. Now this sounds dead handy to me. Especially given the 40 Gigabytes of video I’ve yet to watch.

Of course, I could just mod my existing X-Box for the same effect, but why do that when I could have a new gleaming white/green gadget to play with instead? Then again, I could just go on holiday instead…

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