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Star Wars invades my life. Again.

Star Wars invades my life. Again.

1. I’ve been invited to a fancy dress Star Wars party next Saturday. Thrown by quite possibly the coolest Doctor in Cardiff. Unfortunately, geeks aren’t allowed (so heaven knows how I got invited!) but I have no idea what to wear. Any ideas?

2. My flatmate, right now, is in London partaking in the Star Wars marathon and premiere of Revenge of the Sith in Leicester Square. Not that I’m remotely jealous in any way.

I haven’t been to a movie marathon since I saw the Alien trilogy at Bradford’s Pictureville back in 1993. It’s such a shame cinemas just don’t seem to throw them these days!


  • Princess Leia šŸ˜‰

  • Doctor Who invited you to a party? How the hell did that happen?

  • Princess Lay Ya'? What?

  • Star Wars party. No geeks.

    How does that work, then?

    The last (only) movie marathon I went to was at the Robin Cinema out the back of Leeds. Both Bill & Teds and both Wayne's Worlds. Fan-tastic.

  • When I worked in America, we had to do a team 'fancy dress' for some stupid meeting. After much persuading from me that doing a porn film was a bad idea (me and 5 blokes – I *knew* where that was going) we did Star Wars. Our costumes were ridiculously crap, but we put on a little play and came third out of about 20.

    I might still have my Princess Leia 'wig' somewhere if you want it (although people thought I was an Ewok……)

  • Go as Wedge, when he's off-duty.

    Or, even better, someone out of Battlestar Galactica and say you thought it was all the same thing.

    Although I am also befuddled about the Star Wars theme but no geeks allowed. Could be a quiet party… 8o)

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