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Fed up with Star Wars !

Fed up with Star Wars !

Honestly, the film’s not even out yet – and I’m utterly fed up with Star Wars already.

The hype might help if there was a surprise ending or some twist in the tale – but c’mon. We all know how it’s meant to end, to hook up with A New Hope. The only surprises left are in the execution and mood of the film – and given Episodes 1 and 2 have badly misfired, I don’t hold out much hope for this version.

I’m an avid consumer of movie magazines. But every single bloody movie magazine this month has gone Star Wars mad – which is quite disconcerting when you’re looking for a movie magazine to read on a ten-hour train journey. Empire has pretty much done an entire issue dedicated to it, an intensely dull issue with hardly any interesting articles.

And then well-meaning mates send round excited emails saying things like “Kevin Smith reviews Sith!!!” – which you are curious enough to click on, and Mr. Smith proceeds to reveal something in the first bloody paragraph of the review. Which doesn’t help.

Honestly. What *is* there to get excited about with Revenge Of The Sith?


  • Just got this month's Hotdog – it's gone Batman Returns mental instead. Much better 🙂

  • 10 hours? Where are you going – Swansea?

  • moony

    haha you send me star links via email every day it seems the last two weeks 🙂 you ARE excited about it. And tbh I didn't hold out much hope but having read as many spoiler free reviews as I could find I am really looking forward to this now, it seems they finally got it right with this film.

  • It's got a PG-13 rating?

    I know I've been waiting for a particular battle sequence for over 20 years, so I may get a bit excited at that.

  • Arcane Thrust

    Batman returns mental? What, he took it back to the shop? I don't understand that. Surely if you buy a mental you're usually stuck with it. I always am.

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