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The geeks take over the BBC!

The geeks take over the BBC!

The BBC has opened up some of its rich variety of content feeds via BBC Backstage – as they term it, you can build what you want using BBC content.

I’m nowhere near technical enough to do anything except gasp and marvel at the combining of BBC News + Technorati + Wikipedia, tagging any BBC News page into and other online delights.

There was apparently an opportunity for “an internal BBC-staff-only iteration of for members of the BBC’s new media departments.” – shame. Someone could have told me so I could pitch my idea for a grand mangling of TV schedules with Instant Messaging…

Mind you, I also work for a company where the head of a major department wants to respond to an email from a spammer after some link-swapping – all he was after was a better PageRank from Google by getting a link from the BBC to a San Diego spamming company…

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