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Revisiting Fight Club…

Revisiting Fight Club…

One of the fun things in life is rewatching a film with a “twist” ending or some kind of superlative thing with someone who hasn’t seen it before – especially someone for whom great film-making is usually something like Final Destination 2 or Home Alone.

Right now, it’s Saturday night, neither of us have la money, so my flatmate and I are rewatching Fight Club. And he looks totally flummoxed so far – not too sure if he “gets” it or not. Which ruins the theory of enlightening people via great art. ..

Of course, rewatching Fight Club also makes you realise just how much you haven’t done anything. The last time I saw it, I was unemployed in London and deciding whether to rejoin the corporate whorehouse or not.

Now I’m in Cardiff, having joined a non-governmental corporate whorehouse to much the same effect – lack of control, vague money but no real improvement in my life.

Then again, stuff like going round the world only improves some people – and I doubt it’d improve mine. My flatmate, sitting here with me on a Saturday night, is proof.

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