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Entertainment overload…

Entertainment overload…

As usual, Armando Iannucci says it best: “The sooner we set limits to the … stuff we’re prepared to be entertained by, the happier we will all be.”

As I look around at:

– the 40 Gigabytes of TV programmes I have downloaded and yet to watch
– the CDs I haven’t heard yet
– the DVDs/tapes I’ve borrowed from friends that I haven’t handed back yet
– the Amazon DVDs I’ve hired that I haven’t even opened, two months on
– the pile of VHSs of ancient TV recordings I haven’t seen
– the four waist-high piles of magazines I haven’t read through
– the two shelves of books I haven’t read
– the six computer games and ten console games that still lie there

I really ought to realise this and get rid of it all and hark back to a minimalist existence and give up on trying to use all this stuff.

But what’s really sucking my time? Web surfing. Endless web surfing. Stuffing my brain with useless trivia and opinions that might come in handy in the pub one night, but otherwise never gets used. Oh, and playing Civilisation III. Endlessly.

Maybe I need to join a self-help group or something. But that’ll take time out of sorting out my entertainment backlog. Although on the plus side I might bump into Helena Bonham-Carter.

See, Fight Club is not a film I would normally watch. But a neighbour brought it round one night, we watched it and it was a fantastic film, and I really ought to buy/read the book. And it’s moments of entertainment bliss like that I’m scared of missing out on.


  • Wha? WHAT? You hadn't seen Fight Club??? You really must read the book! I'm re-reading it now; it's superb.

    Also, yes: just throw all that stuff away. I had to get rid of 90%+ of my possessions when I moved to Singapore, and it felt great. I'm having to do the same thing again now as I get ready to move to Beijing – and it feels great, again. You don't need that stuff. "The stuff you own, owns you".

  • My list of books, movies, and music is growing exponentially and it's frightening because a) I don't have the money to buy everything and b) I also don't have the room. As it is, the majority of my VHS tapes are in the garage.

    Just as well, because if I'm not careful, I might just buy that special boxed edition of the Tara King episodes of The Avengers and by doing that, I would have to resign from the Church of the Kinky Boots. =)

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