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Behind the scenes at BBC Wales' election coverage

Behind the scenes at BBC Wales' election coverage

For most of my life, I’ve occasionally dreamt of being at a news desk during a major exciting story dealing with adrenaline, demands for instant stories and pictures and real instant deadlines – like a General Election results programme, for instance. And tonight, Matthew, I got my chance.

When there was a work email sent round for volunteers, I immediately (and rather pathetically) put my digital handsup. And thus, I was drafted to work from 11pm to 6am using my ten years of editorial and technical digital skills to … grab pics from the TV, and crop them to the appropriate sizes for BBC News Wales Online. And there were two of us grabbing pics – one from BBC Wales, and one from S4C. I do have to say, for one news service to provide two five-hour election programmes in two languages, with some journalists doing dual service, is quite impressive.

Although around 1am-2am, I was rather glad of the extra pair of hands, what with results flying in thick and fast on the TV set and computers choosing to go down at precisely that moment. Although, alas, barely a raised voice was heard in the newsroom – all polite requests. The most impolite it got was when a question wasn’t responded to or with a grunt, which is hardly the kind of abuse you see in films.

All in all, I think I did quite a good job. Plus the new Cardiff Central MP Jenny Wilmott is quite a babe. For an MP.

After all the fun was over, I peeked at the BBC Wales Virtual Studio where the lucky presenter had to point at light green dots against a dark green background, while doing pieces to camera in English and Welsh. And sneak a look at the sets for BBC and S4C’s coverage – which aren’t as impressive or large in real-life. Of course.

Now I’m going to try and get some sleep. Pah!


  • Jenny Willott, Sweetie, not Wilmott. You must have been over-excited!!
    Thanks for help last night – much appreciated.

  • "Jenny Wilmott is quite a babe"

    I was thinking that too! The pictures on her site do not do her justice though…

    I also thought that the Vote for yourself Dream Ticket woman was pretty sweet too 😉

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