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Where's my Peter Snow?

Where's my Peter Snow?

Picture the scene. There I am, with my nice hot cup of tea settling down to watch the marathon coverage of the 2005 UK General Election. Of which, one of the highlights is undoubtedly Peter Snow and his Swingometer and many many other cool visual aids, now aided and grafted by virtual set technology.

But what happens? Instead of Dimbelby, Paxman and Kaplinsky, we get Huw Edwards anchoring the BBC Wales coverage of the UK election coverage, ably assisted by David Williams and some woman who was probably going to regret her choice of wearing a black top for the next six hours.

Thankfully Rhun ap Iorwerth was the man at the Swingometer, and while the BBC Wales coverage was probably less entertaining than the BBC England coverage, it was more interesting from a Welsh politics perspective.

Still want my Peter Snow swingometer though and him leaping around like a demented gazelle, not to mention CGI party leaders walking down a virtual Downing Street. What else do I pay my licence fee for? Did anyone tape it?


  • I missed Peter Snow also, especially his swingometer!

  • Yep – it was most excellent and had us lot in fits of giggles. It was so great the way that they stylised the walks. However, I didn't tape it though I was sad enough to think about it. Unfortunately, I'm not too au fait with the video recorder. It seems like too much hassle. 😉

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