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A man is only the sum of his memories. A blog, even more so.

A man is only the sum of his memories. A blog, even more so.

As Dirty Dio Bach succintly pointed out, I’ve borked my blog. Whatever that means.

I tried a 11pm rushed upgrade of Movable Type, because the README said I could just drop the new files on top of the old files. Except I also uploaded (ironically) my old version of the database involved. Whoops.

The upshot of which is that the database has wiped out my entire linksblog and every posting I’ve made in 2005. Ironically, my linksblog and my postings in 2005 still survive as HTML so I’ve got to try and figure out how to re-integrate them into the Movable Type database. Or do a lot of cutting and pasting. I even spent a scary hour trying to quickly learn Perl to see if that could do the job.

Ironically (again!) I had been noodling on going over to WordPress, since it offers password protection on individual blog entries, and cool web people keep pestering me to. But if I’d gone over to WordPress, I wouldn’t have any HTML backups. So I’m ditching that idea!

So … does anyone know how I can get a HTML scraper that’ll nicely convert the HTML into text files that can be imported into Movable Type with a bit of editing? πŸ™‚

Many many thanks to tamper for valiantly trying so far … go visit his online project on encouraging creative writing. Also to Geofftech for his valiant attempts to understand what the hell I meant. Take part in his Zone 1 Only Challenge. If I was living in London again (sigh) I would…

Oh, and BACK UP YOUR BLOG! And I’d only just finished reinstalling Windows XP on my computer. Digital data, don’t talk to me about digital data…


  • Oh, Andrew, I so feel your pain about reinstalling Windows. Hey, for a bit of fun, try doing it two or three weekends in a row. =(

    How're things? Like the blog's new look!

  • Arrrrgh! My eyes!

    Borked: define.php?term=borked

  • Arcane Thrust

    The new blog hurts my eyes. The last one hurt my brain, but I still prefer that pain over this one. It's like waking up in a room filled with Daz.

  • Must. Change. Blog. Color.

  • You might be able to retrieve some of your posts as RSS from services like Feedster, if they've been indexed. Then you could just convert the RSS into MT's import format.

  • Should use Radio Userland. It works as a desktop server, ftp'ing rendered pages to your domain. And automatically backs up everything to two different places on your own computer (In my case – 2 different hard-drives). It does all sorts of other tricks too, like ftp'ing to two different domains at the same time.

  • Oops – that wasn't helpful, was it?

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