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Hounding of online film journalists

Hounding of online film journalists

As anyone who’s been trapped with me will testify, I used to be a movie critic / reviewer / journalist. Something I’m still very proud of having done. But, when the job dried up and I ended up being a professional cutter-and-paster in Cardiff, the opportunities for going to movie previews were few and far between since most of them (at least, the ones with free food’n’wine and PRs trying to schmooze you up) are obviously few and far between.

However, seven-and-a-half-billion years later, a bona fide Sunday morning film preview has finally turned up in Cardiff – and it’s for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

Granted, it’ll probably be full of enthusiastic movie-goers as opposed to jaded film journalists, there won’t be any free croissants to tempt one out of bed on a Sunday morning – and the film has already been reviewed to death amongst the blogosphere and filmerati, but sod it. I want to go. Although I probably won’t be able to because I’ll have to travel to mid Wales to sort out bickering parents – which also means another Saturday night spent not watching Doctor Who. Just when I really want to.


  • razorhead

    I don't understand Simpson's reaction. The first rule of criticism is that there's no accounting for taste, and critics have been saying that forever.

    Just look at all the adoring fans of Michael Jackson who attend his trial and likely conviction every day. That man is likely guilty of one of the most heinous crimes known to our society, yet he still has these adoring fans, and even plays up to them occasionally.

    Simpson has allowed himself to get too deep into his craft. I, and most other bloggers, consider criticism healthy.

    If everyone agreed with a critic all the time, that person wouldn't be a critic, he/she would be God.

  • Indeed. The movie probably is shit, probably was always going to be. I can understand Simpson's disappointment, but that review (while quite articulate) comes off as sheer fanboy petulance. And his subsequent attention-seeking hissyfit doesn't really dissuade me from that view.

    In fact, the sheer toy-throwingness of it all kind of reminds me of this uppity guy I once knew at university, who…oh shit.

  • Wow. Bloggers unite! Shape of the future!

    (that's a silly cartoon wonder twins reference from the 70's for all you young pups.! šŸ™‚

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