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The power of Doctor Who…

The power of Doctor Who…

With broadband and a world of information before me, I’ve often thought I’ve become jaded and immune to the joys of narrative media. With a few clicks of a button and years of watching TV and film, I know pretty much what’s going to happen through most plotlines.

Especially in the case of Doctor Who, since I’ve been following the production for the last year, and in the last month, worked on a small part of the official Doctor Who web. With the small disadvantage in that I pretty much know what is going to happen in the forthcoming week’s episode. Plus, I just never got round to watching Doctor Who: Aliens of London.

And you know what? Even though I knew what was going to happen over this episode, it still thrilled me. Excited me. Amazed me. All on a BBC budget. Amazing. And the triple cliffhanger brought back ye olde Doctor Who – even if the trailer straight afterwards pretty much tells you how they got out of that mess.

Points that contain spoilers after the break:

– The merging of sci-fi with “domestic” drama actually works this time around, with the reality of what would happen if you just took off for a year. The acting helps – although the tower block scenes feel just a bit Only Fools And Horsey.

– Billie Piper cries convincingly as well! It’s like, she’s an actress or something…

Spaceship! Crashing into Big Ben! The visual FX highlight – but it didn’t really quite work for me. All they needed was an extra establishing shot, just to *really* sell the notion of a spaceship crashing into London.

BBC News 24 finally gets to report on a bit of drama. In style.

Wales Today even get in on the act – their set suddenly turning into the studio for an American news network. Sweet.

– The alien that wasn’t an alien. Clever!

UNIT! Back! Woo-hoo! And how many BBC New Media injokes can you squeeze into one page?

– This production must have used up the entire BBC supply of blue light.

– The Slitheen. Huge! Ginormous! Scary even with their cutesy baby faces! The eyes look familiar though… and what a triple-breasted cliffhanger. Amazing.

– Camille Coduri (Rose’s mum) screams like she was born to be a Doctor Who companion, or a Hammer Horror victim..

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