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Five questions…

Five questions…

In one of ye olde memes that’s spreading across the blogosphere like a virus, bloggers get to ask each other five questions. Which is a Godsend when you’re running out of inspiration. This week, it was the turn of the gorgeous-newly-outed-comicbook-fan Pissed Kitty to ask me five questions. Answers below.

Since the point of a meme is to spread till it consumes everything around it, if you want me to ask you five questions, let me know in the comments bit!

1. What is on your last nerve right now…?

It’s a tossup between the latest saga in my family (involving a mid-life crisis, and stubborn moralist Catholics), me wondering why I keep screwing up friendships (mostly the lesbian ones) with my gabbly mouth, or why Microsoft make it so god-darned hard to backup data and reinstall Windows XP.

2. If you ever really emigrated to the US, how would you make due with our crappy two weeks of paid vacation (to start, usually, at a new job?) That is, if/when you are lucky enough to find a job with decent benefits *sigh*…

I’d be spending the first year mostly exploring the innards of which wonderful new city I’d ended up in. Unless it was Akron, Ohio. And then making the most of cheap inner-US flights to travel around at the weekends, with maybe the odd-day off here and there. If all else fails, there’s always taking the odd-day of unpaid leave too.

Or am I being totally unrealistic?

3. Are the elections on your side of the pond much more civil than ours, or are they just as much of a three-ring, mud-slinging circus crossed with a dog show…?

It’s a two-ring mud-slinging circus with one genius child shouting but nobody listening. We’re in week two of the campaign, and I’ve yet to notice either of the two main parties actually having a NEW idea.

4. What are the biggest differences between English women and American women?

American women tend to be livlier and talk about more interesting topics (usually) – ranging from pop culture and music to sex. Definitely the better accent. 🙂

5. What was your worst roommate experience ever ? 🙂

Hrm… There are two that immediately spring to mind:

At University, sharing a flat with this great guy with a manic depression problem. He’d get amazingly excited over things like RISC co-processors (I once saw him bore a girl at a disco enthusing over 486 micro co-processors) and Finnish heavy metal bands – but on the flipside, you’d go into the kitchen the Sunday morning after the night before and find his blood on the bread knife, since he’d been cutting himself. He got off the alcohol, got on the lithium and AFAIK is living a great life in Chicago. Lucky swine.

In London, I shared this flat with a mate/colleague with a thing for Chinese ladies like my sister – and American friends of mine who’d come to visit, for that matter. During hot days, he had a propensity for walking around in just his boxers. One time we were chatting in the hallway – he was sitting on the stairs, and I gradually realised, to my horror, that he was sitting with his crotch on eye level to me and I could see the entire package. I pointed this out to him – and he wiggled it around so I could see even more. Yuch.


  • I'm too afraid of what the quesitons would be to ask you to ask me any.

  • Arcane Thrust

    You should have kept the bloodied knife from Psycho Flatmate 1 and used it to chop off Psycho Flatmate 2's todger. That would have put an abrupt end to his tomfoolery.

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