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Wish I lived in a marginal constituency

Wish I lived in a marginal constituency

One of the troubles with democracies is that only certain areas of the country matter to political parties. So while some areas – like the bit of Cardiff that’s in front of my window – is a key target seat for the Liberal Democrats, the part of Cardiff that I happen to actually live in isn’t.

In fact, it’s such a lowkey target that the prospective Liberal Democrat candidate for Cardiff West – an area not reknown for having a high student population – is 21-year-old student Alison Goldsworth. She doesn’t even go to University in Cardiff. Which shows just how much they care about getting this seat.

Shame really. While Kevin Brennan seems like a reasonable person, he’s voted pretty much for every Labour policy that I’ve detested.

So far, the only flyers I’ve had through my door have been from Plaid Cymru and the British National Party. Not exactly good bedfellows. Now if only they offered free toast.


  • Gruff

    Congratulations… here in Cardiff North you can't move for Conservatives…well Conservatives and the Amec/Transco joint operation roadworks/cone sanctuary that have brought Rhiwbina to a halt.

    Thinking of voting tactically….as much as it galls me to vote Labour, I'm not going to wake up May 6th and regret the fact that i haven't done every single thing possible to mark the Tory candidate as a loser.

  • That's more gumph than I have had. I don't even know who is standing here.

    But I have got a voting card, which is great news! I am on the electoral register – credit cards here I come!

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