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Phu yuck!

Phu yuck!

Get this – they’ve arrested a maths graduate student in Princeton, New Jersey for essentially pouring semen and urine into East-Asian women’s drinks and cutting off locks of their hair. It’s even been suggested that he’d squirt various liquids at them while on the bus.

Which then leads into a huge discussion on the whole fetishization of East Asian women on MetaFilter. I’ve lived with two flatmates who preferred (one of them exclusively) the East Asian brand of women – and I’d almost have to tie them down when my sisters came over. My flatmates, that is.

Extra points if you spot the oriental connection to the title of this post…

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  • Law student

    Phu Yuck is the wine served at Hotel Oriental in Bangkok – The Man with the golden gun…
    Even though it´s just a Moët bottle in disguise!

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