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Am I a rightwing xenophobe?

Am I a rightwing xenophobe?

It’s probably escaped most people’s attention that there’s a general election in about three weeks.

Strangely, despite the fact that the opinion polls seem to show a close gap between Conservative and Labour, it still feels like the result is a foregone conclusion. Probably because the alternative scarcely bears thinking about.

On the other hand, I answered some questions on what I thought were key issues on Who Should you Vote For?. The surprising result – given I always thought I was a slightly-left-of-centre but non-revolutionary type – is that I’m more likely to vote for the UK Independence Party than Labour. Even though I said yes to the Euro and an European constitution. Apparently, the UKIP hasn’t taken an official stance on those issues yet ?!

Fortunately, the Conservatives were still at the bottom by a longshot. If I am going to become a right-wing xenophobe, then at least I’d like to have all the trappings that go with it!


  • It's not escaped my attention. I just couldn't give a fuck.

  • I am unsurprisingly ignorant about British politics, considering I would have spelled it "Labor" 😉

    Which party is most closely affiliated with the fox-hunting inbreds I love to rail against…?

  • Hmm. I could give a fuck. That's why I couldn't resist this meme but you'll just have to pop over to mine for the result. Seems we have a difference of political opinion.

  • razorhead

    Is it suggesting that you vote UKIP just to spite them?

  • Pisser – apparently the Green Party are the most vocal anti-hunters. Came as a surprise to me. Dunno who'd be the most pro-hunting. Theoretically it should be Conservative as they're the anti-Labour. Only they're not. On either count.

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