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Post-holiday instability

Post-holiday instability

Ever since I got back from my mammoth (well, almost) trek for my holidays – Florida, San Francisco, mid Wales, and North Wales – and being ill the week before, I’ve been strangely restless since I got back. When you think I’d be fine to knuckle down and get back to reality.

But no. My suitcase is still packed and waiting to be unpacked. The washing-up hasn’t been done. Some emails remain unanswered (sorry, mates!). I haven’t even downloaded the pictures from my digital camera – although that’s more because I need to reinstall Windows on my computer.

Although it’s not as if not much is going on. People close to me will know some of my good news. The next stage in figuring out if I have a job or not is on April 28th – otherwise I will be a veteran of three redundancies.

There’s an election to look forward to – although I just can’t get excited about it, although there’s only three percentage points in it, according to the opinion polls.

Hell, the only thing that seems to stir the passions (aside from aforementioned good news) is Doctor Who. Just look at that BBC News 24 pastiche. *sigh*

So. Apologies for the lack of blogging. If you cared. 😉


  • I sympathise. Packing is so much more exciting than packing. Stay packed and then you won't have to do it next time. Though – might be a problem if you didn't do any laundry while away….

  • Arcane Thrust

    There aren't any mammoths in the USA anymore Mr BDB, sorry to hear you wasted your time on your 'trek'… You should have asked me first! I have the third-best collection of mammoth-related pornography in the world, and consequently am quite the expert.

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