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Weird weddings and relationships

Weird weddings and relationships

twentysomething has details on what, by the sounds of it, is a fairly weird gathering for a wedding involving multiple fluid sexualities that have changed over the years. But I think I have a tale via a San Francisco friend that can top that. 😉

I have probably bored many people by telling of this slightly short guy I met in San Francisco, who turned out to have been born a woman, realised she was a lesbian, took her girlfriend to the senior prom, then at some point decided to become a man and threw himself into the transsexual community in San Francisco. Then when I met him, he was dating a male millionaire. So, lesbian to gay man. With me so far?

Subsequently, apparently he met a woman, they fell in love, they got married, she’s now pregnant with his kid. Although I was a tad unaware that female-to-male persons could father children. Would love to meet that couple someday.

Aren’t human relationships fascinating? Isn’t modern medical technology astounding? Hope they’re happy together – the sex life must be interesting, to say the least!


  • Incredible what a good surgeon can do these days! I LOVE this story. The guy/gal in question must be one highly confused individual..

  • There is no possible way that a biological woman could father a child. NO WAY. No matter how much surgery they have and how many hormones they take. A biological female can not create sperm.

  • Yeah, I'd agree, no way did he/previous she FATHER a child. Possible he could have MOTHERED a child if eggs previously frozen or something and then inserted into womb of wifey with some donor sperm. Or maybe wifey is a she/previous he and could donate the sperm? Confusing. Hmmm.

  • Now that's what I call an identity crisis, wonder if they are sure they have finished? Gosh I hope so.

    They have to have had a donor for the child.

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