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The most nauseating music video. Evah.

The most nauseating music video. Evah.

If you’ve just had your breakfast and hate knee-jerk patriotism from the most powerful country on the planet, then do not watch the music video for America: We Stand As One.

What amazes me is the sheer amount of money and technical talent that was thrown into the video. There are some fairly nifty (if intensely shallow) effects in the video, and the music sounds unbearably professional and shallow. Too much lens flare in it, but that’s a curse video makers have to bear.

But why all this effort for a music video that actually has a (blonde, naturally) wife and child standing by a grave? Do the makers behind this video have any sense of irony or awareness that we’ve all seen this kind of thing done to DEATH a thousand times before? Surely even a seasoned Star Trek stuntman turned songwriter with long hair and the director of the X-Files and Star Trek ought to know better!

I have a huge problem with knee-jerk patriotism from any country, but I would have thought that the biggest, most powerful country in the world doesn’t exactly need this kind of arrogant puffing up of itself. It’s what did for the Roman Empire, y’know…


  • Patriotism… not a fan of. Just one short step to nationalism and all its evils.

  • William Scott

    I'm an Australian-born U.S. citizen, so I am probably not a "typical" Yank insofar as my response to much of the right-wing hoopla and jingoism that appears to be prevalent here post 9/11. That being said, let me say I have little sympathy for all this national breast-beating over who is the most patriotic. I am also a veteran of the Vietnam debacle, so I feel I have earned my right to state my opinion openly. Unfortunately, all the conservative fundamentalists supporting the mass incursion into Iraq seem to have forgotten that painful episode in our history. They are about to get a refresher.

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