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The End of the World. It's fab!

The End of the World. It's fab!

Just saw the second episode of Doctor Who 2005, End of the World. And wow. Observations (and spoilers):

– much wittier than I expected – the jukebox one-liner was fantastic. Interesting choices for music too – the “original” version of Tainted Love, and Toxic. But no R.E.M. ?!

– quite a few body fluid humour gags. Very Russell T. Davies.

– National Trust. Great one-liner.

– you have a character that’s a tree, and you’re not doing puns galore? We were.

– Possibly the first time the word “prostitute” is used in Doctor Who.

– 1989, a character gets melted by the sun and we see it in all its gory make-up glory. Quite realistic I thought. 2005, a character gets melted by the sun and it’s left to our imagination. A bit of a shame, in a way.

– the Repeated Meme. Fantastic name.

– “Talk to the Face! Talk to the Face!” — dearie me! 😉

– the Last Human ™ turns out to be a racist bigot. Again, very RTD. Her scheme has a few major plotholes, mind. Not least of which, how would she get money out of it all?

– Visual FX. Top notch.

– The Ninth Doctor (although he hasn’t been mentioned as such on TV so far) is remarkably callous. and emotional.

– The Doctor is the Last of the Time Lords? When did that happen? How?

– I really have to stop tears forming in my eye over the last minute of Doctor Who. I’m 31 for goodness’ sake.


  • And I didn't even know that Gallifrey was blown up! When did *that* happen!

    In TV continuity, we'll find out later this year. And who the enemy was in this War that the time lords lost.

    In Books continuity (if you count them as canon) then it was wiped from existance throughout time about four years ago (The Ancestor Cell) but will be back in The Gallifrey Chronicles in about two months time.

  • Arcane Thrust

    I was quite surprised by how rubbish the second episode was, given that I thought the first ep was a tremendous lark. I watched it with some normal people too (ie non sci-fi anoraks), and they were similarly nonplussed. Russell should stick to trashing Cardiff shopping arcades and doing the stars on Breakfast Time.

  • Body fluid humor gags…?

    I'm in! 😉

  • Yeah – I thought they really hit their stride with this one. Although it crossed my mind that RTD was just trying to give the BBC Video boys some rights clearance headaches!

    And I didn't even know that Gallifrey was blown up! When did *that* happen!

  • lord of misrule

    If she could smell chips on Queen Street, It was probably McDonalds, and their fries are crap. They want to go to Caroline Street 😉

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