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Perversity of Doctor Who fans

Perversity of Doctor Who fans

Not had time to blog yet, but it comes to something when a man who’s barely hit twenty – so was about five when the original TV show last aired – calls the producer behind Doctor Who 2005 a “fat Welsh turd” who’s “raping Doctor Who”. How nice.

Shall I invoke the spirit of William Shatner in saying “it’s! just! a! tv! show!” ?

btw, exit Christopher Ecclestone. Enter David Tennant. Shame, my flatmate was about to get his application in.


  • I'm enjoying hearing fans who weren't born in 1980 complaing that Tennant is "too young". Davison was younger then than Tennant is now.

  • zuzula

    I'm surprised Eccleston turned out to be such a luvvie! live n learn… welcome back by the way!

  • I haven't watched it yet and I wasn't allowed to watch the originals so No Opinion. Is that allowed?

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