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If women have dildos, what do men have?

If women have dildos, what do men have?

One of the things I loved about Sex And The City (aside from Miranda *sigh*) was the aspect of eavesdropping on women talking honestly about their sex lives. Only slightly tainted by the reality that it was probably crafted by a crew of gay male writers living in Los Angeles.

Fortunately, the blogosphere comes to the rescue with this revelation on what South African women talk about in the office: dildos. A singularly fascinating conversation that’s all the better for feeling real, and not being crafted for a mass audience.

What does amuse/amaze me is the laissez-faire manner in which women seemingly talk about their sex toys (although I’m surrounded by women at work and I’ve yet to hear them discussing dildos). You won’t catch men crowding round the water cooler discussing their sex toys – mainly because they don’t have any aside from Penthouse, but also because it’s just not done, man. Would men want/need sex toys anyway?

I’ve never really seen the point of dildos either (I mean, as a device … I’ve seen a few dildos in my time, thanks to the lesbian ex-flatmates). You can’t get more artificial than a dildo in terms of placing it inside or around small intimate areas. Surely even a cucumber would at least have that sheen of all-to-goodness nature around it?


  • Miss Fish

    I can attest being a single woman living in a city in her 30's (with red hair) that much of what the sex and the city girls discuss is very much like what i discuss with my friends. not some gay fabrication of hetero chick convo.

    I discussed sex toys with my date on saturday. and it was my first date. yes, he's a man.

  • Laurian rocks.

    And I talk about the toys with my closest friends (male or female)

  • Claire

    Us women really do talk openly about these things with each other, I've also got some close male friends and I have the same conversations with them…in fact it's often them that shock me with what they've been up to and with what!

  • You'll enjoy this post then:

    However, I must admit that the only reason why I watched Sex and/in The City is that I *loathe* the girls…especially Charlotte. Little RCA Victor-dog, head-cocked, bragging, f—ing perfectionist CHARLOTTE. Ugggggh *shudder*

    And to a lesser extent, Carrie. Shut up, Carrie!

  • Hmm, Sex/City. Well I thought it was bollocks but I only caught pieces of it, on account of the fact that I always turned over. As to discussions, er, maybe when I was about 19/early twenties when it was all new and exciting. I guess I got jaded.

    The difference between men and women and why women are more open? Maybe, most men have a tendency to take it all too seriously? It's kind of a laugh really. 😉

  • Given that I don't have the relevant internal plumbing, I can't appreciate a dildo as such – but I can appreciate the fact that if I was a woman I'd be out there trying as many as I could.

    I'll confess to having tried a male-aimed ex toy before and, frankly, it was bloody rubbish. Women are just *made* better for toys.

    I was chatting to someone online the other night – a normal conversation – when all of a sudden she told me she had a big purple vibrator inside her and I'd have to excuse her for a bit!

    Women *do* because they *can*. The lucky sods.

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