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RIP Dave Allen – who made my Dad and I laugh

RIP Dave Allen – who made my Dad and I laugh

Unfortunately, legendary comedian Dave Allen has died. I shall leave it to others to pay tribute to his comic genius, but I’m mourning the loss of quite possibly the only man who made my father and I laugh at the same time.

It’s alas a cliche to say that fathers and sons in second-generation immigrant families rarely understand each other. My Dad still has no idea what I really do for a living, and just tells people I do computer stuff. He doesn’t see the point in reading books (except to go to University and become a doctor) and my interest in comedy he just considers juvenile and silly. (He probably has a point).

One time, he came in after a hard evening at work, to find me watching a Dave Allen tape, at a point when Dave was listing the absurdities of the ways in which we tell the time … (“see, now there’s a third hand, which we call the second hand.”) – and all of a sudden, with my laughter I could hear my Dad howling away. Which I haven’t really heard before or since.


  • My parents have no clue what I do either. Never have done, and I am now resigned to they never will.

    Sad news about Dave Allen though, you are right.

  • Parents rarely understand their kids. I used to watch my grandfather shake in head in confusion as my uncle laughed at Monty Python. And years later the same uncle shaking his head in similar fashion as his daughter laughed at Vic Reeves Big Night Out. We never learn, we'll be doing the same with our kids when the next new thing comes along. Dave Allen was one of those rare comedians who was funny for all generations because he joked about all generations. RIP

  • zuzula

    My dad doesn't get it either. At all. I've given up trying to explain. Bless him. When I told him I got a 2:1 for my degree he asked me whether that meant I had to retake it. Sigh…

  • My dad knows what I do. I, however, don't know what he does.

    Go figure.

  • bill bones

    "RIP Dave Allen – who made my Dad and I laugh"

    It should be "my dad and me". And "the only man who made my father and me laugh at the same time". BACK TO SCHOOL FOR YOU.

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