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The uselessness of surveys

The uselessness of surveys

According to DietTracker, Cardiff women (on average) take 78 minutes to have sex/sexercise. In the same survey, the most active men (Bristolians) take 44 minutes.

The survey doesn’t ask what the women are doing for sexercise in the 34 minutes that they’re having sex while the men are presumably watching football and drinking beer. I’m assuming we’re talking heterosexual sex here, although there’s no good reason to assume that, to be honest.

So what would you do in that extra 34 minutes?


  • Ummm…flying solo I would say…

  • 78 minutes?

    78 MINUTES??????

    I seem to be missing out somewhere along the line…..

  • Probably dreaming little dreamy dreams about what they are wearing and other such girly girl sh*t.

    P.S. I think both the men and the women are lying. 30 mins, tops. By the way, I am a woman, but if being with a woman takes that long, I can imagine either your jaw would fall off or you'd have to just say "f— it, I can't take this anymore" and leave…!

  • Anonamie

    Maybe the women count the foreplay… and the men don't because they don't even know what foreplay is!?

  • Cooking dinner like they should be doing. Or fetching me a beer while I catch up on the 11 minutes of the first half I've missed.

  • I'm moving to Wales, or perhaps Bristol…

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